Review: Heart & Home French Vanilla

Vanilla may mean plain or drab in colloquial speak, but Heart & Home’s French Vanilla is anything but. This one has notes of almond, caramel, coconut, and macaroon. Sweet but not cloying, the 110 g jar has a 30-hour burn time and gives off a warm and pleasing aroma that can fill up a small room. The scent throw gets lost in larger spaces, and for those you might need the larger  310 g jar.

The soy wax blend feels like butter to the touch and has a pale, cream color. I get a clean, even burn every time I light this candle, and the scent is simply delicious.

Soy wax is prized for being more sustainable than petroleum-based paraffin. It’s less likely to trigger allergies, and generally lasts longer.


The glass jar comes with a decorative lid that conveys the scent it carries.


You can find Heart & Home candles at Powerbooks, True Value, and Rustan’s. Aside from the 110 g and 310 g jars, the candles also come is votive sampler sizes – perfect for trying out different scents without having to commit to a big jar.



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