Review: Our Own Candle Company Caramel Pecan and Banana Nut Bread

The yummy names and adorable mason jars that these teeny 3.5 oz candles come in will bring a dose of novelty and cuteness to your life. Caramel Pecan and Banana Nut Bread both belong to the gourmand scent family. A gourmand scent has food-based notes – simply put, it smells like something you can eat. If you’ve ever wandered through a store aisle full of candles with names like “Peach Cobbler” or “Marshmallows”, then you’ve encountered gourmand scents.


Caramel Pecan has a rich, sweet scent when I sniff it from the jar. Once lit, the scent throw is fairly light, and I can only fully detect the scent when I keep it close, like when I place it beside the computer while I work. It also starts to give off a toasted smell after an hour or so of burning.

The Banana Nut Bread one has a sugary scent that’s pleasant and not headache-inducing in the least. I also get a hint of vanilla. When I light it, it manages to fill the kitchen with its aroma – quite a feat given its small size. The scent also stays consistent while burning.


These candles are made with a paraffin-soy wax blend and lead-free wicks. The glass containers come with metal lids that bear safety instructions.


These make for wonderful gifts or giveaways. You can find them at Robinson’s Department Store and True Value. Larger 13 oz mason jars are also available.

If you’re interested in gourmand scents, Our Own Candle Company has them in many variants, like Lemon Pound Cake and Baked Apple Pie, to name a few.


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