Review: Voluspa Baltic Amber

I got my first luxury candle a few weeks ago, and it’s from Voluspa, candlemaker to the stars and the starry-eyed. The brand is known for its gorgeous packaging – when I saw their display at Rustan’s, I just had to investigate.

The official scent description is “Baltic Amber with notes of resin, wild orchid and sandalwood”.It’s made of coconut wax, which is even softer than soy. The one I bought comes in a small decorative tin, but it’s also available in a large embossed jar.


The packaging isn’t just pretty, it’s functional too – the metal lid can be used to put out the flame of the wick, like a candle snuffer.It stays securely in place, so you can definitely throw this in your travel bag and not worry about it too much. The container is practically airtight, which keeps the fragrance sealed in when the candle isn’t being used.

It’s a warm, comforting scent, perfect for rainy nights in the city. Many reviewers say that it’s both feminine and masculine, but I disagree. I think Baltic Amber is all woman. It’s a grown-up scent, but it’s not old lady-ish in any way.

For a 4 oz, candle, this has amazing throw. It fills up my bedroom, and the scent lingers in the air after I put it out. It burns clean, with no sooting whatsoever.

Baltic Amber has been a Voluspa bestseller for years. If you want to try the brand but you’re not sure where to start, try this one because it seems to have near-universal appeal.





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