No more Beauty MNL for me

Got  an email last night from Beauty MNL, an online seller of beauty products here in Manila. To cut it short, I missed the payment deadline for an item I ordered (they gave out a 20 percent birthday discount) and so they notified me that the transaction had been cancelled.

My problem? The mild condescension I got from the email: “We totally understand that you may be busy. But having a deadline is a part of life – we promise it doesn’t bite.”

Screenshot of the email

I’d have preferred it if they just sent a more straight-forward message, not a mini-lecture on the importance of deadlines. I know it sucks to miss out on a sale, but they need to soften their approach because they never know why a buyer might miss her payment deadline – obligations at work, personal emergencies, etc. – and so this kind of email can come off as insensitive.

I’ve ordered from them before, but their carrier had a difficult time finding my provincial address and was in an irritable mood when he finally arrived at our house. He complained that he had been driving back and forth our street and that our neighbors had no idea which residence was ours.

The product I ordered, a tub of cream, had also been exposed to heat, presumably because it had been stored in a compartment in the carrier’s motorcycle. I was worried that heat exposure might have compromised the product’s quality, and emailed their customer service right away.

To their credit, they offered to send a replacement. They also asked me to give a Manila address (a friend’s or a relative’s) since their carriers for the city used ice packs to protect items from the heat.

I talked to a friend, who said she’d be home  on a certain day and that she’d be willing to receive the package for me, so I sent them her address.But for some reason the seller ended up delivering the product to my provincial address and not hers – which was a bit embarrassing  because my friend was expecting the package at her place and might have made a few adjustments to her schedule to accommodate my request.

I decided to let go of the matter because I didn’t want another back and forth. I also had to unsubscribe from their mailing list a few weeks or months later because I was getting way too many emails from them. One of their staff asked via email why I wanted to unsubscribe. I responded by saying that I felt a bit bombarded by all the emails, and I brought up my previous issue with their delivery. The staff was apologetic, and I can respect the fact that they ask buyers why we opt out of the mailing list.

About a week ago I got an email from them, offering a 20 percent discount for my upcoming birthday. An office mate, an avid online shopper, also gushed about them and the speedy delivery to her home south of Manila (She bought me face masks for Christmas). I found this encouraging, and decided to give them another shot.

But here I am with a cancelled order and no regrets. I’ll be shopping elsewhere for my birthday treat.


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